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2. EUR/USD deposits from 3rd parties
Last Updated a year ago

Due to AML/KYC rules, we do NOT offer multi-owner accounts (that is, accounts with more than ONE name linked to it).

We allow 1 person per account only. Please, do NOT try to send EUR/USD funds to someone else account because we will reject it at your own cost. This is a very important compliance rule, and we make sure that we are following it in any case.

Generally, if you receive money from someone else, we may offer you one of the following 2 options:
  1. The sender of the funds needs to request a refund to the same account from which the funds came (open a separate withdraw ticket).
  2. The sender of the funds opens a new user account with us, and then he/she can request to have the funds credited to the new account - to do so, we will request a copy of an identity document a recent utility bill (or other proof of residence) and the receipt of the transfer; please, provide this information through a ticket on our support system.

Please note: deposits from joint bank accounts are allowed and the previous conditions do not apply.

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