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How much are the fees for deposits and withdrawals?
Last Updated 9 months ago

Deposit fees
We do NOT charge fees on deposits of any kind! All deposits will be credited with the same amount as they reach us.

Please note: bank fees may apply, especially if you deposit currencies other than EUR on our EUR account or other than USD on our USD account.

Withdrawal fees
  • SEPA transfers: 1 € plus bank fees (1 € for transfers up to 1000 €, then 4 €).
  • Non-SEPA transfers: 1 € plus bank fees.
  • OkPAY: 1 €/$ on top of OkPAY fees.
  • Ripple: the fee is equal to 0.05% (minimum: 1 cent/satoshi)
  • Bitcoin: 0.001 BTC
  • Peercoin: 0.2 PPC
  • Ethereum: 0.001 ETH
  • Litecoin: 0.2 LTC

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