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2-factor authentication is not working! What now?
Last Updated 11 months ago

Google Authenticator is a great tool to enhance the security of your account; you can read more about it in our dedicated faq.

From time to time, some minor dysfunctions may happen: usually, there is no reason to worry about that. In order to work properly, Google Authenticator relies on the internal time of your device - and this time can be slightly wrong, due to some lag or bugs. In order to fix this issue, you can dive into the Settings of Google's Authenticator app, and check the "Time correction for codes" menu - it will fix it! This is usually the fastest and simplest way to solve the problem.

Moreover, if you saved your backup codes when you enabled 2-factor authentication, you can install Google Authenticator on another phone and try it again.

If you still cannot access your account, you can contact us and ask to disable 2-factor authentication: we will carefully review your message and get back to you. More details are available here.

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