Frequently Asked Questions

2. How can I withdraw? It seems I am not enabled!
Last Updated a year ago

Any new user start with no access to autonomous withdrawals.

If you want to have access to autonomous withdrawals (through your e-Wallet page), you need to be enabled.

To be enabled, open a ticket on our Support System and state the desired daily limits and currencies; we reserve the right to modify those limits on case-by-case basis.

The limits on self-service withdrawals are in place only to protect the security of your account: we advise you to request the lowest limit that you feel comfortable to work with, and protect your funds through a withdrawals pin and/or 2-factor authentication.

These limits are handled manually by our team, do not expect to be adjusted automatically.

Please note: the first withdrawal for new users will have a delay equal to 48 hours.

Please note: you will not be allowed to withdraw what you have only deposited, acting as a mixing. Deposits and withdrawals are available for the sole purpose of trading. This is an important compliance rule.

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