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Disabling 2FA google authentication
Last Updated 11 months ago

If you are able to access your account, you can disable 2-factor authentication through your user menu.

If you cannot access your account due to a loss/theft of your 2-factor device and you have no backups of your codes, you can disable it through a request to our support service.

In this case, open a ticket on our Support System and we will take care of it as soon as we can. In this ticket, you should include everything that you remember about your account (verification level, type of funds traded..).

2-factor authentication is here to protect your account, and we will not disable it upon a simple request: the process may be long (2 or even more weeks), and we may ask you about any other information that we consider necessary.

This process might seem a bit complex and stressful; it must be this way, since we must make sure that the request to disable 2-factor authentication is legitimate. Please, be kind to our staff members - both you and them would like to avoid an unnecessary waste of time with long procedures, but sometimes it has to be done - mainly for the security of your own funds.

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