Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I verify my account?
Last Updated 5 months ago

  • What you need:
    • An identity document, with at least 6 months validity.
    • A proof of residence: it can be a bank statement, a utility bill, or similar document with your residence address printed on it. It must be not older than 3 months. No screenshots.

  • How?
    • Sign into your TRT account
    • Hover your mouse on the top right corner, over your username and select “My personal data”, then select the “Verification” tab on the left.
    • Upload your identity document: front, back (not needed with passport), photo (different from the one in the document)
    • Upload your proof of residence.

Remember that the proof of residence and the identity document are BOTH mandatory. DO NOT send documents via email or any other way instead of the provided platform when logged in.

For any issue during this process, you can always contact us on our support system.
Please note that the verification process usually take at least 48 working hours, but often takes much longer (a week is normal) and there is no way to speed it up: verification is serious business.

Verification is not mandatory, but in order to deposit/withdraw FIAT currencies you will need it - and if you have a verified profile, you can also request a debit card, enjoy faster deposits and more!

You can check your verification status on your personal page as well, but as soon as your account is verified, an email is sent to you to confirm its verification.


If you hit the €15.000 monthly limit and you want to verify your account from Level 2 to Level 3, don't worry: you can continue to trade, as we will not stop your activities on The Rock Trading - instead, we will mail you some documents and ask you to return them filled and signed.

Once verified, you will receive an email notification.

IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure your documentation is always updated; id must still be valid for at least another 6 months and proof of address must be not older than 1 year, otherwise banks will not credit your deposit to us waiting for these documentation updates.

Please note: we do not accept US Citizens or Residents.

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