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b) Which are and how can I enable security measures on my account?
Last Updated 2 years ago

In order to protect as much as possible your funds, we recommend to enable all the following security measures:

  • Two factor authentication (2-factor authentication - 2FA)
    • Implementing two-factor authentication for login purposes isn't mandatory but it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED since adding this security measure, adds - other than the normal access through username and password - another requirement during the authentication process through a unique temporary code.
  • Withdrawal PIN
    • If you set up this PIN, you will be asked to enter it every time you will initiate a withdrawal request. It is intentionally short (between 4 and 6 alphanumeric chars), so you can remember it instead of unsecurely write it somewhere
  • Trading PIN
    • If you set up a trading PIN, any activity which involves trading; be it placing order or removing orders, will be protected by a PIN.

After being logged in, go to “personal data” in top right menu then “security” and move on by enabling all the security measures.

PIN codes are settable only once. After a PIN has been created, you won’t be able to modify, view or retrieve it anymore. Make sure to have a backup because The Rock Trading staff can't access the code.
The Rock Trading, in case of necessity, is able to reset both PIN codes and 2FA authentication however that requires an input from an operator and will incur in a cost. We invite you to read more at the related FAQ

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