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b) How can I withdraw? It seems I am not enabled!
Last Updated 2 years ago

Any new user start with no access to autonomous withdrawals ("ATM" refers to that).

So, if you want to have access to autonomous withdrawals (through your eWallet page), you need to be enabled.

How to be enabled to withdraw autonomously?

To be enabled, open a ticket on our Support System and state the desired daily limits and currencies; we reserve the right to modify those limits on case-by-case basis.

How limits work?

Limits are expressed in the same currency they refers to (eg. 1 BTC for Bitcoin, 5 ETH for Ethers, 1000 XRP for Ripples, etc. etc.) and are on a 24h base. Do not request withdrawals access if you have nothing to withdraw and do not request limits that do not make sense (eg. 30 EUR of balance, requesting 100 BTC every 24h of withdraw limit).

Why are there limits?

The limits on self-service withdrawals are in place only to protect the security of your account: we require you to request the lowest limit that you feel comfortable to work with, and protect your funds through a withdrawals pin and/or 2-factor authentication.

How long does it take to get limits raised?

These limits are handled manually by our team, do not expect to be adjusted automatically.

Please note: the first withdrawal for new users will have a delay equal to 48 hours.

In which cases I cannot withdraw?

Please note: you will not be allowed to withdraw what you have only deposited, acting as a mixing or money laundering. Deposits and withdrawals are available for the sole purpose of trading. This is an important compliance rule.

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