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d) 2FA not working (loss/theft 2-factor device)
Last Updated 2 years ago

In order to work correctly, Google authenticator relies on your device’s clock. This clock is not immune to errors and, even a small difference of seconds, could cause issues to the creation of the temporary codes. If two factor authentication does not work, go in the settings of Google Authenticator > “Time correction for Codes” > “Sync now”. Usually, this fixes the majority of problems.

If you are not able to log in your account because you have lost your device and you do not have a backup code, please reach out to our customer support explaining the situation: in this ticket, make sure to include as many elements (trade frequency, verification levels, balances, personal information etc) as possible that could help us certifying that the request is legit.

Attention: the retrieval process, in case you do not have a backup code, has a cost of €25,00 EUR.

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