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d) 2FA not working (loss/theft 2-factor device)
Last Updated 2 years ago

Google Authenticator relies on the internal time of your device - and this time can be slightly wrong, due to some lag or bugs. In order to fix this issue, you can dive into the Settings of Google's Authenticator app, and check the "Time correction for codes". This is usually the fastest and simplest way to solve the problem.

If you cannot access your account due to a loss/theft of your 2-factor device and you have no backups of your codes, you can disable it through a request to our support service, open a ticket on our Support System.

In this ticket, you should include everything that you remember about your account (verification level, type of funds traded): the process may be long (2 or even more weeks), and we may ask you about any other information that we consider necessary, in order to verify the request is done by the correct owner.

Be aware that if your request to reset the 2FA because you have no backups, we will charge 25 EUR each time we need to reset it.

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