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c) Do you have a chat?
Last Updated about a month ago

Yes, we have two official telegram groups, one in Italian and one in English language. Both chats are regulated by the following rules:

  1. Do not seek support regarding your The Rock Trading account, help requests and tickets are managed exclusively through our official customer service.
  2. Do not solicit help about your tickets in chat or directly in private to administrators. It’s seriously forbidden and will be punished.
  3. In chat you must respect others as they respect you. Offenders will be immediately blocked
  4. Do not send inappropriate images, potentially unwanted content and/or not related to The Rock Trading.
  5. We welcome questions, doubts and perplexities related to The Rock Trading and its environment only if of general interest.

Users which do not follow the aforementioned rules will be immediately kicked out and in particular cases, their The Rock Trading account will be suspended.

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