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d) Verification levels
Last Updated 9 months ago

On TRT there are 3 verification levels:

  • Level 1: You can only trade/deposit/withdraw crypto.
  • Level 2: You can deposit or withdraw up to 15000 EUR monthly.
  • Level 3: You must open a ticket to require level 3 if one or more of these conditions occur:
    • you go over limits defined in level 2
    • you use a joint bank account (in this case also the other person need to verify)
    • you are a PEP
    • your account is in the name of a Company
  • per our sole discretion we can require additional information or documents despite the status
  • Please, if you are sending documents via mail (not suggested), you can utilize only the mail we do have on file.
  • without updated and proper documentation FIAT deposits or withdrawals will be delayed until updated properly
  • please read our AML policy

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